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Introducing the RE:Made retail media newsletter

Why it's time to get serious about Amazon; and Coles' Paul Brooks on Connected TV

Welcome to our new monthly newsletter RE:Made. It’s a sister publication to our retail media event RE:Made, now available on Unmade - www.unmade.media

Each edition of RE:Made will include a monthly Q&A with a key player in the retail media space. Our first guest is Paul Brooks, CEO of Coles360. Click here to read the interview.

Paul Brooks, CEO, Coles360
Paul Brooks, CEO, Coles360

We will also feature a regular column from retail media evangelist and global consultant Colin Lewis. As you may know, we held our first event in March, with Colin as our opening keynote.

retail media evangelist and global consultant Colin Lewis
Colin Lewis, Retail Media Evangelist & Global Consultant

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Click here to subscribe to the monthly newsletter which is hosted on Substack. You can choose your notification preferences when you subscribe.

Notification settings on Substack
Notification Setting on Substack


Advertising opportunities are available for the Unmade Newsletter and the RE:Made Newsletter. Click here to find out more.

RE:Made Retail Media Unmade Conference - 11 October 2023
11 October | Sydney

The RE:Made Retail Media Unmade conference returns on October 11

After the first conference, we received feedback that March was a crowded time in the retail event calendar, so we’re delighted to tell you that RE:Made will be returning to Sydney on Wednesday, 11 October. Early in the final quarter of the year will become RE:Made’s regular annual slot.

During the curation process, it became clear that many case studies and examples of best practices were almost, but not quite, ready to be unveiled at the first RE:Made. I’m looking forward to all the fresh examples of innovation and collaboration as we develop the next event.

The response to our first program was outstanding. It’s my privilege to now develop the second program with the assistance of an expanded advisory board. Our job at Unmade is to tap into the new trends in a rapidly maturing sector, and offer our audience the content that’s most useful and relevant in an increasingly noisy world. Being able to host and help to foster the emerging retail community is, frankly, a bonus.

If you’d like to put yourself forward for the RE:Made advisory panel or suggest a session for the conference, please get in touch, or to talk about partnership opportunities.


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