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Putting creativity into retail media

Having more outstanding speakers, new research, case studies and perspectives than one can fit into a conference program is in many ways an excellent problem to have.

It’s also a testament to the diversity and depth of the sector that there is nuance and myriad (strongly held) opinions on almost every topic. RE:Made - Retail Media Unmade takes place in a month’s time, on March 2.

The content is taking shape. Below, I can share the outline of the program. Finding the right people to offer their insights on the areas we see as critical is a little like fielding a team of galácticos in fantasy football. More on the all-star lineup next week.

The intention has always been to offer both breadth and depth, and ensure that no matter whether your organisation is seeking to optimise their retail media network, or you’re scoping the requirements to begin the process, as a retailer or a marketer, you will leave at the end of the day with some clarity about the next steps.

We want to help make sure that delegates move from overwhelmed to (cautious) optimism.

We’re really excited to announce a session on creativity in retail media, and in particular on the intersection of creativity and technology. This focus hasn’t been explored in depth until now. The panel will examine the role of creative in retail environments, moving beyond a focus on vouchers and thinking in terms of product shots and price- to reinvigorate what’s possible for brand creative at point of sale.

Our industry has traditionally not held shopper work in the same high regard as the 30 second spot. Creative agencies in particular will need to reevaluate their approach to work for retail media networks, particularly in-store and online.

David Lo will talk creativity in retail media

Among our panellists for this session is David Lo, the founder of The Zoo Republic, formerly chair of industry body APMA, the Australian Promotional Marketing Association. Lo is a well-respected champion of the promotional sector of adland.

There’s no question that the retail media ecosystem has a high degree of complexity; it requires alignment internally and with external parties. The potential returns are high, but no matter whether you build in house, outsource or adopt a partnership model, investment is required. The “leading the charge” session will offer an overview of the possible approaches, and set out some of the considerations at play.

Drawing on his agenda-setting report into retail media for PWC, Dan Robins' presentation will outline a roadmap for success, providing guidance into the stages of retail media adoption and optimisation.

And as we announced last week, IAB Australia CEO Gai LeRoy will unveil the findings of the IAB State of the Nation report into retail media in Australia. It's designed for those responsible for advertising investment decisions working in media agencies, agency trading desks, creative agencies, and brand-side. If you’re on the buyer side, there is still time to share your experience via this link.

The RE:Made program

International keynote: Retail Media: How to Power Growth for Retailers and Brands

Leading the charge: Emerging trends in Australian retail. How to scale, building for longevity in the sector, and evaluating the optimum ecosystem to deliver results (inhouse, outsourced or partnership models)

Roadmap to success: An overview of the stages of transformation for retail media success for retailers and brands, covering: Governance and accountability; Privacy and data protection; Changing internal and external relationships

New frontiers in data: Navigating walled gardens, data clean rooms and what marketers and retailers need to consider in developing their data strategy for retail media

Reinvigorating creativity in retail media: How the intersection of creativity and technology can drive more engaged customers

Verification and value: Valuing retail media inventory - how to sell it, how to buy it, and the size of the prize)

The State of the Retail Media industry in Australia: Unveiling the results of the IAB research into the industry in Australia

Customer experience and the value exchange: The evolution of retail media; the customer experience; structuring for success

Leadership Q&A: A moderated panel discussion with some of the industry’s leaders, and an opportunity for audience questions

We’ll be announcing our full speaker lineup in the coming days. You can buy tickets on the RE:Made website.

Early bird has been extended to 10am 6 February 2023. Don't delay, save 20%


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