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REmade Retail Media News: Collaboration and margin salvation

Collaboration supercedes competition; why retail media will boost margins more than AI; we reveal the second REmade conference program and our first REmade Awards

Welcome to the latest edition of the REmade newsletter, sister publication to our REmade conference, where the retail media community comes together.

Each edition of REmade includes a monthly Q&A with a key player in the retail media space. This month’s guest is Mercato CEO Vanessa Robb. We also have a regular column from global retail media evangelist Colin Lewis; this month on how retail media is the only hope of boosting margins during grim economic times.

Lifting all boats - the REmade Awards

We’re also delighted to have launched our first awards, modest in scope for this first year but a strong signal of the elements we, and our advisory panel, believe are essential factors in delivering retail media success - collaboration and innovation. And recognising the individuals who are shaping and elevating the sector overall with Retail Media Leader and Retail Media Rising Star.

Find out more about the categories and criteria, and please pass on this information to anyone you know who is doing brilliant things in the space.


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REmade is where Australia's retail media community comes together

REmade - Retail Media Unmade conference returns 11 October 2023

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