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CitrusAd is on a mission to change the way brands connect with shoppers. Our cutting-edge digital advertising platform utilizes the latest technology to deliver personalized, data-driven campaigns that drive results. We believe that advertising should be more than just a message, it should be an experience. And that's exactly what we provide for our clients.

Founded in 2017 by co-founders Nick Paech and Brad Moran, we created the first world-leading, self-serve Retail Media platform enabling retailers to monetize their on-site and off-site digital assets. By partnering with retailers, CitrusAd enables brands to launch and review advertising campaigns across the full customer journey in one single platform and in just a few clicks.


Acquired by Epsilon (a division of Publicis Groupe) in 2021, we were the first to market with a unified approach to retail media. Simplifying retail media for everyone by having one unified user interface for brands/advertisers to traffic campaigns on-site (inside retailer’s websites); off-site; and in-store.

Our team of experts is dedicated to helping brands succeed in the ever-evolving digital landscape. We work closely with the world’s top retailers and advertisers to understand their unique needs and develop campaigns that truly resonate with shoppers. We don't just deliver ads, we create connections.

At CitrusAd, we're not satisfied with just meeting expectations, we strive to exceed them. We were the original pioneers in the retail media space, and we are continue to set the strategy globally on what's possible, never settling for the status quo. We're driven by a passion to make a real impact in the industry and help our clients succeed.

Industry leading retailers, in all verticals across 30+ countries are leveraging our platform and real-time relevance engine to create a more personalized shopping experience and deliver greater ROI for brands and advertisers.

We're not just a digital advertising company, we're a partner in success. 

Join us on our journey to revolutionize media, and make retail media for everybody, everywhere.


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Cartology is a leading retail media business, powered by the Woolworths Group. Cartology provides targeted omnichannel marketing solutions and comprehensive closed loop reporting to help brands grow. With Cartology, brands can drive real customer impact in the moments that matter most, because at  Cartology, we get customers. 



Patient Zero is your technology partner in retail media and AdTech design, development and implementation.

Our proven Way of Working brings together the best of modern development frameworks to deliver working business applications on time, and on budget.
Our expertise spans application development, technical integration and consulting projects that have delivered results for clients such as CitrusAd, Youi and Lifestyle Fitness Group.

D_Coded is coming and you do not want to miss it.

Join us and learn us about News Corp Australia's ground-breaking data and world-first technology. And, discover how to utilise both in order to build a deep and lasting connection with your target market.

The result - a high-intent audience that is paying close attention to your brand or service; an audience that has 'noticed', 'wants' and is 'ready to buy'.

Join us at D_Coded 23 and hear about it first.

And get ready to take your business to a whole new level.

Reach out to your News Corp representative to find out how.

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