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Conference Opening 

International keynote: Retail Media: How to Power Growth for Retailers and Brands 


Speaker - Colin Lewis, Retail Media Evangelist 

Leading The Charge: Transforming your organisation for long-term retail media success

  • Evaluating the optimum ecosystem to deliver results: in-house, outsourced or partnership models

  • Leading organisations through retail media transformation 

  • Change management  

  • Organisational challenges and opportunities

  • Bridging gaps and fostering collaboration (e.g between trade and brand, agency and retailer)


Moderator - Cat McGinn, Curator, Unmade 


Teresa Aprile, Co-Founder and CEO, Brandcrush, ​
Graham Christie, CEO and Co-founder Changing the Game 

Bel Harper, Executive Group Director of Product Strategy, oOh!media
Adam Skinner, COO, CitrusAd


The State of the Retail Media Industry in Australia

The results of the IAB research into the industry in Australia, revealing for the first time the country’s retail media usage, drivers and barriers as well the most pressing needs of marketers in relation to planning, buying and measuring retail media activity.

Speaker - Gai Le Roy, CEO, IAB Australia

The power of data-driven retail media - a prescription for success 

Chemist Warehouse case study 
How data underpins the full customer journey as we move towards realising the potential of omni-channel. Navigating walled gardens, data clean rooms and what marketers and retailers need to consider in developing their data strategy for retail media

  • 1P data - creating it, protecting it and connecting it across platforms and ecosystems 

  • Connecting behaviour across the customer journey from top of funnel to transaction

  • Why data is at the core of retail media – introduce the types of data that play a part in the ecosystem, closed-loop reporting as the secret sauce

  • Audience segmentation and activation – how to create actionable audiences, endemic / non-endemic use cases

  • CDP Use cases – sophisticated audience building for greater understanding and personalisation 


Moderator - Gai LeRoy, CEO, IAB Australia


Pavel Bulowski, CPO & Co-founder, Meiro
Roger Dunn, Retail Media Consultant 
Kent Len, Head of Performance Marketing (Media, CRM & Data), Chemist Warehouse

Building blocks of success 

An overview of the stages of transformation for owned media success for retailers and brands, covering 

  • Business planning

  • Governance and accountability 

  • Technology mapping

  • Evolving internal and external relationships


Speaker - Dan Robins, Director, CMO Advisory, PwC Australia

Reinvigorating creativity in retail media 

A fresh look at achieving creative cut-through in retail media and how the intersection of creativity / tech can drive more engaged customers

  • Impact on the creator economy

  • Role of brand creative in retail media environments

  • Delivering mobile-first connected experiences that drive sales 

  • What’s now and what’s next


Moderator - Cat McGinn, Curator, Unmade 


David Lo, Founder and Principal, The Zoo Republic
Mandie van der Merwe, Joint Chief Creative Officer, Dentsu Creative
Simon Porter, Head of Retail Media, Hatched
Troy Townsend, Co-Founder and CEO, Zitcha

Verification and value

Valuing retail media inventory: how to sell it, how to buy it, and the size of the prize.

Retail media provides marketers with some of the most valuable and accurate datasets available, connecting brands with consumers at the ideal moment in their purchase journey. However, brands need to understand the value, and be confident that the cost of their investment is justified by the returns they see.


  • Creating 360 value - metrics and measurement across the full journey

  • Using AI and new methodologies to track behaviour and conversion

  • Verification - benchmarking value and establishing a return on investment

Moderator - Juan Mendoza, Founder & Editor, The Martech Weekly


Jonathan Hopkins, Founding Partner, Sonder

Mo Moubayed, Co-CEO and Co-Founder, Veridooh 

Clare Tsubono, Head of Media ANZ, Lion

Jasmine Workman, Head of Marketing ANZ, Shopify


CX and the customer value exchange 

The evolution of retail media, the customer experience, industry learnings and structuring for success, along with lessons of how PepsiCo is thinking about the fast-changing space.

  • the evolution of retail media

  • the customer experience

  • industry learnings 

  • structuring for success


Vandita Pandey, CMO ANZ, PepsiCo

Mike Tyquin, Managing Director, Cartology 

Leadership Q&A

A moderated panel discussion with some of the industry’s heavyweights, and an opportunity for audience questions.

Moderator - Tim Burrowes, Publisher, Unmade 

Paul Brooks, General Manager, Coles 360 

Pippa Leary, Managing Director - Client Product, News Corp

Melissa Wyness, Chief Media & Operating Officer, Mercato

Mike Tyquin, Managing Director, Cartology




Networking Drinks and Canapes 

Colin Lewis Retail Media Evangelist
Gai Le Roy, CEO, IAB
Dan Robbine, Director, CMO Advisory, PwC Australia
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Paul Brooks, Managing Director, Coles 360
Pippa Leary-v3_edited.jpg
Melissa Wyness_edited.jpg
Mike Tyquin, Managing Director, Cartology
Teresa Aprile, Co-founder and CEO, Brandcrush
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Adam Skinner_edited.jpg
Vandita Pandey, CMO, PepsiCo
Mike Tyquin, Managing Director, Cartology
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Clare (002)_edited.jpg
Jasmine Workman_edited.jpg
Gai Le Roy, CEO, IAB
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Sam Hegg, Head of Strategy & Planning, Coles Media

“It’s great to see an industry event dedicated to one of the most dynamic and fascinating areas of the media and marketing landscape. Hearing from all stakeholders on their view of the future challenges and opportunities will be an afternoon well spent!”


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